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Centrifuge Tubes (MEA Tested)

Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes, Polystyrene (PS) Test Tube, 15ml

Product Code Packaging Option Cap Option Inner Pack Quantity Case Quantity Sterility
GEN34218 Peel Pouch Bag + Foam Rack Flat 50 500 R
GEN34228 Peel Pouch Bag + Foam Rack Plug 50 500 R
    Product Details:

  • These conical bottom tubes are made of transparent polystyrene
  • Cap Materials: HDPE
  • Leak-proof
  • Black printed graduations with large white marking strip for labelling
  • Bottom Graduation Range: 0.1-1ml
  • Bottom Graduation Interval: 0.1ml
  • Tube Graduation Range: 1.5-14.5ml
  • Tube Graduation Interval: 0.5ml
  • Maximum RCF: 8,500xg
  • Dimensions tube: 17 D x 118 L mm
  • Performance: Dnase/Rnase-free Non-pyrogenic

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